Elephant Racing Festival | Dak Lak, Vietnam


Elephants are an image of the nature and culture of the red basaltic land, and solidarity to the travel industry, biology for Dak Lak Province. From being wild creatures, elephants were trained to turn into a natural piece of individuals’ life and furthermore faithful companions.

The elephant is considered as the precious animal of people in Tay Nguyen Vietnam. It is a close company with people. It plays an important role in working, transporting, and traveling.

Traditional Clothing & Food

Beforehand, individuals involved elephants for hunting, transportation, conveying logs, and so forth Today, elephants generally take an interest in celebrations and the travel industry exercises that add to a more prosperous life in ethnic towns. In past, Elephants is a loyal company with Vietnamese people in the struggles against enemies invasions. They are also nice characters in Vietnamese folklore. Thus, Elephant Racing Festival is taken place annually in the third lunar month to show the close relationship between human beings and elephants. To prepare for this occasion, villagers take care of them in special ways. They focus on various food and training which helps strengthen their elephants’ power.

This traditional festival has lured a lot of people near and far from this area. They wear traditional clothing and attend the event. The main activity is held at Don Village (Ban Don). Chosen elephants start at the same time for about two kilometers. The ambience is more exciting with the sound of tu va, a music tool made from horn. The leading elephant will be given with a laurel wreath to honor victory and gets sugar canes or bananas, its favorite foods, from the audiences.

Besides, elephants also take part in swimming competition on Serepok River. They play football and tug of war to show their strength. After that, all attendees will drop by Ban Don’s community house to enjoy feasting, stem wine and dancing joyfully in the sound of gongs and drums.

No one can deny the importance of Elephant Racing Festival towards the people live in Tay Nguyen. It helps everyone get a sharp glimpse of spiritual life, gongs culture of this land.

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