Enjoy Sunset in Temple of Debod Madrid Spain


Debod Temple (Temple De Debod) is an old Egyptian sanctuary which was reconstructed in Madrid. It is a valid Egyptian sanctuary constructed in the second century BC, at the town of Devod. This temple become one of most tourist destinations because of sunset.

The sanctuary was assembled initially 15 Km south of Aswan (southern Egypt), near the main waterfall of the Nile and to the immense religious focus committed to the goddess Isis, in Philae. In the mid second century BC, Adikhalamani (Tabriqo), the Kushite ruler of Meroƫ, began its development by building a little single-room church committed to the god Amun.

From the quay, a long processional route prompts to the stone built divider, through three stone arch portals(pylon gateways), lastly to the sanctuary itself. The pranaos, which had four segments with attached capitals fall down in 1868, and is presently lost. Behind it lay the first temple of Amun, the offering table room and a later temple with several number of side-rooms and stairs to the rooftop.

History and Culture

In 1960, because of the making of the Great Dam of Aswan and the ensuing danger postured to a few number of landmarks and archaeological places, To save this historical and cultural legacy, UNESCO made an international call. As an indication of appreciation for the steps taken by Spain in saving the temples of Abu Simbel, the Egyptian state gave the temple of Debod to Spain in 1968.

Now again, best attraction is temple of debod sunset. The dreamy pink and orange sunset can be seen from the Egyptian temple in the middle of Madrid. Inside in the temple is so beautiful. If you like photography, like me, and you are in Madrid. You must have been once in life to see this monument. The best time is September, with a beautiful sunset reflected in water. Close the passage through the interior when it begins to sunset so you can get postcard is incredible.

If you are a couple, if you go with friends for romance. you have to sit for a drink. It also has a gazebo with beautiful views of the cathedral.

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