Read This Before Moving Your Pet


Right before the move as the surroundings become more hectic with boxes and people coming in and out of your house often leaving doors open, you might want to consider leaving your pet at a friend or kennel. This could prevent the last-minute frantic thought of where’s the dog, or have you seen the cat lately? Don’t be surprised if the cat is sleeping in a box, you just taped up!

Moving to another country or to another city is not an easy task. Last year, I moved from Qatar to Dubai and it wasn’t so easy. It was hectic, difficult and time-consuming. I thank one of my best friends in Dubai who referred me to a professional mover and packer company in Dubai. That totally saved my time and half my efforts.

Visit the Veterinarian!

The following is a checklist to ask your vet:

  • Do you have current identification tags?
  • Does your pet have all current vaccinations?
  • If on medication, do you have enough for the move and then some?
  • Should you have a special diet to make the move easier on your pet digestive track?
  • Have you made copies of your pets’ records?
  • Should your pet be tranquilized for the move?
  • Should you test out the tranquilizer dosage prior to the move?
  • Does your vet have any recommended vets in the area you are moving to?

Since each state has different laws and regulations regarding the importation of animals and some counties and municipalities have their own ordinances, check with a veterinarian in the new area to be sure your pet complies. It is important to do this several weeks before your move to allow time for all paperwork to be completed.

Temperature extremes should be avoided. In most cases, it’s best to transport your animal in a sturdy, insulated carrier to help regulate the changing temperature. Never leave a pet in a hot car during the summertime or a cold car in the winter.

If you are transporting the pet by plane, try to book a direct flight to minimize the time the animal may be sitting outside the plane in inclement weather conditions. Some airlines provide counter-to-counter service so your pet will be carried on and off the plane by an airline employee. While this service costs a little more, it may be worth it for your peace of mind.

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