The 5 scariest escape room game

scariest escape room game

There are many variations of escape rooms. Most of them consist of solving problems and puzzles at different difficulty levels. Of course, they take place in diverse environments and themes. Some people want a little more than that. It’s a kind of creepy, terrifying dread that completes the game for them. That’s why they create horror escape rooms and build horror stories on them that people need to get out of.

Psychological horror

This genre focuses on the mental and emotional state of the participants and aims to get them out of a state of calm, scare or distract them. (Mental asylum game). It shows unsettling scenes and environment, with the appearance of disturbed mental states or otherworldly characters.

This is an attempt to induce a sense of fear. Typically, you can encounter shadows, strange sound effects, suspicion, and instilling mistrust in this genre.

The genre often appears in books, films, and video games. In the case of books, the author leaves the degree of terror to the reader’s imagination. In films and video games, however, the visuals are left to the creators’ discretion. In many cases, for the sake of wider appeal, details that would otherwise have the most intense impact on the viewer are left out. The creators of scary escape rooms let you experience a special experience. Which are the best of these escape rooms? Here:

Insane asylum

Set in the 1950s, we find ourselves in an asylum for the insane, where all sorts of human experiments are carried out. You’re not crazy, but you’ve been manipulated and given lots of drugs. Physically and mentally broken, you receive the news that the asylum staff has been summoned and there is a chance of escape without supervision. It’s time! We have one hour to save our lives.

Aztec tomb

We are entering a real nightmare. We must survive seemingly endless nights. On these shivering nights, a spirit of destruction will plague our lives. To lengthen the days, we need more sunlight. And this can only be achieved by a show of human sacrifice. Time and again, the spirit brings disease upon us. We can save our less fortunate companions who have been infected by the spirit with the help of the healing crystal. But this is only found in the tombs of Aztec kings. To get inside, brave volunteers are needed. Those who are not sufficiently capable will, unfortunately, be the sacrifice of the day.

Horror Castle

As a demon hunter, you should have no trouble defeating monsters and ghosts. The Graf has a mission to reclaim his castle from the bloodthirsty demons. But unfortunately, there are so many difficulties and terrifying, unexpected events that can easily exceed our abilities and cost us our lives. Only the best will succeed in this special quest. With special visual elements, and light and sound effects, we can enjoy an extraordinary realistic experience.

Schizophrenic serial killer

After being kidnapped by a ruthless killer, you and your fellow abductees are brought to your senses in a dark cell. Already here, we discover that we have lost half our friends. It’s likely that they too have been brutally hacked to death. We would like to survive, but our prison is a little bigger than a musty coffin. There can be no hesitation. We must find a way out, and soon. Our release will not be granted easily. We must expect blood and violence. This is a program for the nerves of steel.


Locked away in a strange, inhospitable place. A cold, musty, damp environment. Countdown begins. Your time, of course. It will be the last minute of your life. It quickly turns out you’re in the basement of a bomb shelter. If you don’t get out in 90 minutes, you’re finished. Every move you make is being watched and followed. There’s constant pressure and stress. You have to stay calm, the only way you have a chance of getting out is in the time left before they close the doors on you for good.

Fans of psychological horror will not be disappointed with any of the games. Without exception, excitement is the defining element of every game. We also offer scary, but most of all entertaining escape rooms that make for a thrilling game.

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