The ShineFAST Home Dental Kit For DIY Teeth Cleaning and Teeth Whitening


Consumers pay a considerable amount to whiten their teeth.  Whitening strips are ineffective if the plaque and tartar has not been removed from the teeth.  Scaling and cleaning your own teeth prepares them for teeth whitening.  Whether you pay hundreds at a dentist for teeth whitening, or purchase teeth whitening strips from a store, your results will be better and longer lasting if you have removed plaque and tartar from your teeth with one of the ShineFAST dental scalers found in your kit. You can find lots of other options online for your home dental kit to go with your teeth cleaning and whitening. is one such site that can provide you with numerous options on different sorts of accessories to make your day special.

Is it possible for you to have a teeth cleaning similar to what you would receive from your dental office, in the comfort of your own home? Yes!  And you can be as gentle as you want and clean your teeth as quickly or as slowly as you desire.  Your dental cleaning kit contains six unique dental faces that conform to the surfaces of your teeth and a dental tooth mirror in a convenient leatherette zipper case.   These tools can be used to clean teeth quickly and easily in the comfort of your own home. There is nothing available for personal use that compares.

Imagine, your own dental hygiene tools to clean and scale your own teeth at home.  Every time you use them will save you the cost of a cleaning.  Your own “do it yourself dental exam” will help identify oral health issues to report to your dentist. Dentists have the ability to x-ray your teeth and gums.  A dentist can interpret the x-rays, and let you know whether you have a cavity growing, or an abscess.  From X-rays, they can tell you if your gums or jaw bones are receding.  They can help you deal with gum disease.  Your dental kit will help you know when it is time for you to schedule an appointment with your dentist.

The advantage you have with these dental instruments is that you can keep your teeth cleaner than would otherwise be possible.  You can make yourself very presentable without an appointment because you own the dental tools.  You can effectively clean your teeth for free after your first cleaning with your dental kit.  The tools will more than paid for themselves the first time you use them.

We call it “Your in-between Dental Cleaning.”  That means that if you do your own teeth cleaning between dental visits, you can save more than the cost of your dental cleaning tools every time you use them. You can remove tartar from your teeth yourself with a professional home dental cleaning kit.  

The economy has caused families to watch their budgets closely.  Every dollar saved in dental care can go to other expenses such as food, housing, utilities and other needs.  The savings can be hundreds of dollars over time.  Purchasing a ShineFAST dental kit from can help maintain a healthy smile, save money in the family budget and give you the convenience you need to maintain healthy teeth and gums from the comfort of your own home.  If you are budget conscious, frugal in the important services you need, or if you have sympathy for the idea of “Prepping–” being prepared for any eventuality, consider owning your own professional teeth cleaning tools with instructions to take care of your oral hygiene.

The Story of ShineFAST LLC

Back in the 1990’s, we owned a business called the Dental Referral Center.  We advertised a Teeth Cleaning and a Dental Exam for $39.00.  The idea was that the patient would come to a dentist for the loss leader service.  Usually, people would respond if they had a toothache or needed a teeth cleaning.  The dentist would profit from any work that was revealed by the dental exam.  The service was good for the patient, and very good for the dentist. 

We experimented with a Free Dental Exam, and a $39.00 teeth cleaning and dental exam.  People were very responsive to the teeth cleaning because the normal cost in our area was anywhere between $65 and $125.00 at the time just for the cleaning.  Today some dentists charge $180.00 or more requiring a dental exam in order to do the teeth cleaning. This impacts the budget. ShineFAST LLC is determined to help keep the cost of personal oral hygiene care manageable with high quality, low cost dental tools for personal dental care that will provide excellent service for many years.

Recently an acquaintance was quoted $425.00 for a dental exam and teeth cleaning with a full mouth series of x-rays when all they really wanted was a dental cleaning.  They would have been pleased to give themselves a dental cleaning at home if they had professional teeth cleaning tools for home use.

Due to the demand for an inexpensive professional teeth cleaning, I did some research.  The key to removing plaque or tartar from your teeth yourself is having the proper tools.  There is a difference between professional dental hygiene tools and tools that are available to the public for home use.  Even you might consider scaling and cleaning your own teeth if you had professional tools. Professional Dental Hygiene tools give one the leverage and contour of the instruments to adapt to the shape of your teeth. 

Regarding the question “Can I purchase professional dental teeth cleaning tools to clean my own teeth,” the answer is yes.  Now you can own high quality dental hygiene tools for your own personal oral hygiene.  You can also use them to examine your own teeth in the comfort of your own home at a time that is convenient for you.

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