Unique Overseas Adventure Travel Destinations

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Are you looking to plan a unique or exciting overseas adventure travel itinerary that will add a little thrill and intrigue to your next vacation?

Are you wanting to avoid the glittery and commercialized tourist traps in favor of experiencing the genuine life of the local cultures?

If you crave adventure and authenticity, then deviate from the beaten path and prepare to explore the true heart and soul of a society’s history and heritage. You can make an ordinary vacation extraordinary by backpacking through the countryside, fishing in pristine water, biking in uncharted areas, or experiencing creative modes of transportation. Witness breathtaking scenery, catch a glimpse of unique wildlife in its natural habitat, and connect with the true lifestyle of the native people.

If you want to see real history, experience real life, and observe real culture, then it is time to plan a unique overseas adventure travel vacation. A few examples are listed below:

Ethiopia represents one of the oldest civilizations on earth and is a wonderful myriad of exotic wildlife, archaeological wonders, ancient architecture, and untouched scenery. The Omo River Valley of Southern Ethiopia is home to a cultural mosaic of African tribes that have been unaffected by modernization; and although getting there is difficult, the trip is definitely worth the effort. It is a land rich in tradition and overflowing with beauty. Whether you want to catch a glimpse of the famous rockhewn churches of Lalibela, study the unique agriculture, admire the fascinating beehive shaped huts, or pump up the excitement crossing rivers with an overland truck, the Omo Valley will offer a remarkable experience that will thrill and captivate the most ardent adventurer.

Although it is not on the list of most popular vacation destinations, a motorbike tour of Battambang, Cambodia will not disappoint the adventure seeker. It is a destination abundant in traditional architecture, ancient temples, and fascinating wats and pagodas. Its friendly people, coupled with the beautiful scenery provided by rice fields and plantations makes Battambang one of the most stunning places in the world. And of course, no trip to the area would be complete without a ride on the creative, yet ingenious, bamboo train.

A trip to rural Russia will allow you to take a step back in time and experience adventure in its most basic form. With no running water, wood-burning heat, and only the simplest of facilities, the rural Russian communities will allow you to experience this country’s incomparable history and interact with the people that help build its amazing heritage. You can enjoy the relaxed lifestyle, become involved in the daily activities of local farms, or spend some time admiring the forests and lakes that comprise the beautiful scenery.

Take a back to nature, eco-friendly vacation by planning a visit to the hinterlands of Surinam. Only reachable by boat or plane, this area can boast one of the most culturally diverse populations in the world. Formerly a Dutch colony, Surinam was once known for its prosperous plantations governed by cruel masters. Escaping slaves often disappeared into the lush rainforests, forming small villages or tribes similar to those of their African Heritage. Today, a visit to the hinterlands will provide you with one of the most amazing traditional and multicultural experiences. This remote area is abounding in breathtaking waterfalls and unique wildlife and birds. Enjoy nature walks, boat trips, or simply savor the natural, untouched surroundings.

Most Greece bound tourists flock to Athens, leaving Nafplio, the former Greek capital, the perfect destination for those seeking a truly unique travel adventure. The small seaside town offers beaches, beautiful scenery, and ancient sites. Whether you want to relax or explore, Nafplio has something for everyone. Known for its mountain and island fortresses and its rich cultural history, this town will allow you to avoid all the tourist traps and experience the true essence of Greece.

Unique overseas adventure travel destinations will spice up your vacation and allow you to experience the genuine and authentic lifestyle of a country’s people. If you want to avoid the tourist focused destinations, then plan a trip that will lead you to the true beauty and culture buried within the heart of a land.

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