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Polish citizenship

Being able to call yourself a fully-fledged citizen of Poland may open up many opportunities. Polish citizenship does not only allow you to pass it to the future generations but also travel or work in Europe without any restrictions. In today’s article, we have decided to focus on the issue of Polish citizenship through ancestry. Who is eligible for citizenship by descent, and what does the application process look like? You will find more below!

Polish citizenship through ancestry – what does it mean?

Citizenship as a legal institution is strictly regulated by Polish law and the Act on Polish citizenship. According to that, citizenship of Poland can be granted to any foreigner at his request or passed via the right of blood and that’s what we would like to mention right now. Polish citizenship through ancestry applies to an individual who has at least one Polish ancestor but does not have his citizenship confirmed. If you have Polish ancestry, the application process is just a formality because you are probably a citizen of Poland too. At that point, you should prove your origin and complete the required documentation for the process of Polish citizenship by descent confirmation. Where to look for help?

Polish citizenship confirmation – how does the process look?

As you may probably know, being born in Poland does not make you automatically a fully-fledged citizen. A birth certificate says that an individual was born here, but it does not confirm his or her citizenship. When it comes to Polish citizenship by descent, it is crucial to prove your origin. If you have your ancestors’ vital records such as marriage or birth certificates, then you are in a great place to begin the process and start the research on Polish citizenship. There is no need for you to do it on your behalf. The Polish Citizenship Experts can assess your case individually and conduct research across the archives in Poland and other countries if needed. It must be confirmed that your ancestors held citizenship in Poland and did not lose it on the way. Check our FAQs on Five To Europe to find more info about the confirmation process.

How to apply for Polish citizenship through ancestry?

An individual who applies for citizenship by descent should submit an official motion including a set of needed documentation. The application is forwarded to the Voivodeship Office. The question is – How long does the process of citizenship application take? We cannot give you a straight answer on that. The length of the process is affected by many various factors. For example, if you do not have any vital records proving your origin, the Expert must necessarily conduct the research on your behalf. If you do, there is nothing to worry about. As you can see, the complexity of your case is the main factor that can lengthen the whole process.

Once the research across the archives comes successfully to an end, you can finally submit a motion and wait for a decision. The Polish Government takes from 3 to 6 months to issue a consent on the citizenship application. After receiving Voivode’s decision, you should also apply for a Polish passport, which allows you to travel with no border controls. Since passports are biometric, you must appear in person to leave your fingerprints.

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