Why Is Zoological Garden Berlin So Famous To Tourists?


The capital city of Germany, Berlin, is filled with a variety of things to do and various attractions that tourists must visit. One of the must-visit destinations is the zoo in Berlin known as the Berlin Zoological Garden. Discover the wide variety of wildlife in Berlin Zoo, the first zoo in Germany. Zoological Garden Berlin has the most species-rich zoo that you can find in entire Germany. The Zoo Garden is one of the largest zoos of the world. What makes the place even more interesting to visit is that it is a place full of fun and joy for people of all ages.

History of Zoological Garden Berlin

The Zoological Garden Berlin was first opened in 1844 and the aquarium opened in 1913. The area of the zoo itself covers 35 hectares. Yes it is that huge. The zoo has about 1500 different species and about 20,500 animals presently. It has the most comprehensive collection of species in the world.

During the World War 2, the zoo had 3715 animals out of which on 91 survived. The zoo was completely destroyed. When the war was over, the zoo was refreshed with a Zoo flak tower that was one of the last remaining areas of German resistance against the Red army. After the destruction of the zoo in the war, it was then reconstructed along with the Berlin Zoo Aquarium it associated by the most modern principles to display the animals in their most natural environment.

Beauty of Zoological Garden Berlin

One can say that the zoo emerged from the chaos and destruction to be more progressive as to mirror the real habitats of the animals. Some of the most notable animals you can find here at the zoo are the Polar Bear, BaoBao, Panda and Knut.

The zoo is considered to be the most important in the world when it comes to a relation to bio diversity. A huge variety of species can be found here and the zoo itself is a home to thousands of animals. Besides that, the zoo has maintained its status in recent years with many new attractions which is why visitors are attracted to visit this place. You can check out one of the largest aquariums of Europe where the entire coral reefs have been recreated along with the impressing variety of fishes and other marine life. Also, if you are into birds, the zoo also boasts the largest birdhouse in Europe. What makes this zoo in Berlin interesting and attractive for the tourists is that every year various events take place here such as diving into the aquarium, themed expeditions and night tours.

For those who really love animals and want to learn and tour the zoo, they can opt for the zoo school. The zoo school offers school classes tours to the pupil’s age group.

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